Sage leaves and Devi balm for heels

Our Saviour

Over 3,000 plants grow in the 16 kilometre long and some 360 metre deep Sićevo gorge, east of the southern Serbian city of Niš. The rugged and beautiful landscape of the Svrljig mountains is an ideal habitat for sage, otherwise a Mediterranean plant, which is a wild, autochthonous species here. Aware of its value, the […]

Cleavage Enhancing Plant

Medicinal herbs usually have a wide range of effects, but probably the most versatile among them is fenugreek. Also known as the Greek seed, trigonella foenum-graecum, it has been used since prehistoric times in the Mediterranean belt and Asia in the household, industry, cuisine and medicine, and even in the process of mummification by the ancient […]

Shield against Viruses

When we say oregano, we usually think of the fragrant Italian cuisine, but this plant is much more than a fragrant spice, especially its wild variant, the one that grows on the cliffs in the wider Mediterranean region. Origanum vulgare has also always thrived in the mountainous areas of the Balkans. Today, it is known as wild […]