Thrown off the Track by Hormones

Do you suffer from acne, memory fog, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety or sleep disorder? Do you often feel frustrated, extremely emotional and find it difficult to stop binge eating? Do you have tension headaches, IBS, sudden weight gain and experience extreme flatulence? Is loss of libido ruining your relationship or marriage?

Do you know that all of these symptoms and conditions can be caused by hormonal imbalance? Our modern way of living made us drift too far away from nature. We often use medications, we are swamped with toxic plastic and polluted air, we give in to unhealthy diet rich in fats, sugars and meat full of steroids and antibiotics, we sit for too long, we don’t get enough sunshine, and we are on the Pill. As a consequence, we are witnesses of an epidemic of hormonal imbalance among women all around the world.

It may take a while before we realize that the symptoms we have been having are caused by hormonal imbalance. Apart from the reproductive system, it can harm the thyroid, the bones and muscles, the heart and veins and it can increase risk of tumors. When it hits the uterus and ovaries, apart from the above mentioned conditions, it can also cause:

·         irregular or missed periods
·         trouble in conceiving
·         PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
·         ovarian cysts
·         cervical lesions
·         endometriosis
·         uterine fibroids
·         pre-menstrual symptoms
·         menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding during periods
·         fibrocystic breasts.
Once we get thrown off the track, going back is not easy. We are grateful to modern medicine for all the advances in various treatments of serious diseases, but when it comes to the hormones, apart from the synthetic substitutes, it does not have much to offer. Since the problem is caused by our drifting away from the nature, the solution, logically, would be to get closer to it once again.

Throughout history, women sought help in green fields and woods. There is a vast traditional knowledge that cannot be denied even by modern science. Certain herbs help, and clinical trials have confirmed that the traditional beliefs are well founded.

Lady’s mantle has been used for ages for female ailments and infertility. It contains tannins which have a strong astringent effect, thus preventing heavy bleeding, which explains why women with heavy, painful menstruations and uterine fibroids find it helpful. Studies proved that lady’s mantle is an efficient tumor inhibitor. Its effect on gastrointestinal disorders has also been proven.

Yarrow, known since ancient times, is known to alleviate cramps and pain, especially in the lower pelvic region. Its flavonoids have a spasmolytic effect, while pro-azulene soothes inflammations. It is an excellent remedy for painful periods.

Marigold can heal wounds, reduce inflammation, kill microbes and parasites and is an excellent diuretic. It prevents water retention during the pre-menstrual phase, and is a potent healer of uterine wounds, cysts and fibroids. Marigold is also used for dysmenorrhea.

Crane’s bill is another very potent herb and healer of wounds, it regulates blood circulation and works as a mild sedative. It is a strong antioxidant which prevents infections and boosts the immunity. It also contains tannins which prevent heavy bleeding.

Golden maca has been used for over two millennia in traditional medicine of the Andes as an adaptogenic herb, helping the body to adapt to harsh environmental conditions, increasing stamina and endurance. It balances hormones and has a very beneficial overall effect, both on the body and mind. It eliminates depression and brain fog, and is particularly useful in stopping the pre-menstrual energy and mood roller-coaster. Its alkaloids work against infertility.

Shepherd’s purse can regulate uterine contraction, blood flow and balance menstrual bleeding. It heals wounds and burns and is also very beneficial for the heart.

These six medicinal herbs, together with zinc which is a potent essential element and antioxidant, are assembled in Femisan A in well-studied doses, aiming to help women from the moment they enter puberty, till the menopause. Femisan A, the potent protector of women, brings us closer to nature.


Menstruation is an ever present phenomenon in every woman’s life, and a foundation of her functioning reproductive system. With small variations from month to month, menstrual bleeding is rather consistent. Thus, it is not difficult to detect sudden abnormalities. First of all, we need to know what ‘normal’ is. Periods should occur 21-35 days apart, and should not last for longer than 7 days. They should occur regularly on a monthly basis. Although a certain level of discomfort and pain is usually present, it shouldn’t get in the way of our usual everyday activities. The bleeding should occur during the period, and not in between.

Teenage girls usually find their periods rather frenzied and unpredictable, however as the ovaries age, ovulation and menstruation become more and more regular. Once it becomes stable, even the slightest changes will sound an alarm.

What are the changes in our cycle trying to tell us?

  • If periods suddenly start lasting longer than usual, it can be a sign of polyps or uterine fibroids, benign changes on the uterine wall. A detailed pelvic checkup and transvaginal ultrasound is advised.
  • Large blood clots, size of a coin, usually accompanied by heavy bleeding during periods, point at endometriosis, the disorder where the endometrium – lining of the uterus, grows outside of it and reacts to the secreted hormones the same way as normal endometrium, shedding its lining during a period. Since endometriosis can cause numerous complications, urgent help from a professional is a must.
  • Extremely painful periods can be another sign of endometriosis. Certain level of menstrual pain and discomfort is normal, however if it is so severe that it impedes everyday activities, month after month, professional help is needed.
  • Spotting between periods or inter-menstrual bleeding that lasts longer than two months can indicate a hormone imbalance or an STD. However, sometimes spotting can simply be caused by stress or sudden weight loss. Anyway, it’s always wiser to get a checkup on time.
  • If menstrual blood is too light, our estrogen levels could be too low, preventing the uterine lining to form properly. It is usually accompanied with hair loss, irregular periods and vaginal dryness.
  • Absence of menstruation, amenorrhea, unless caused by pregnancy, can occur at times of extreme stress, malnutrition and low fat diet, too much exercise, thyroid disorder or onset of menopause.
  • Irregular periods or missed periods could indicate a hormone imbalance caused by polycystic ovaries, particularly if they are accompanied with weight gain, fatigue, increased facial hair, acne, mood swings and abdominal pain. Any absence of menstruation longer than 3 months requires a medical checkup.
  • Heavy periods that last longer than 7 days could be a sign of uterine fibroids. Fibroids are caused by hormone imbalance, and although they are benign, they could cause discomfort by, for example, putting too much pressure on the bladder, or triggering extremely heavy bleeding which could lead to anemia.

We live in a world where menstrual disorders are becoming much more common than normal periods. Sadly, our environment is swamped with hormone disruptors which are impossible to avoid. However, there are certain aspects of our lives that we can control: getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and moderately, cutting out alcohol, caffeine, fast food and sugar, maintaining normal weight and having regular medical checkups.

For centuries, women have been seeking relief in nature. Today, old experience is united with modern, scientific knowledge in Femisan A, an entirely natural, herbal preparation. Femisan A can help regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones, strengthen the lining of the uterus, eliminate cysts, protect the ovaries and reduce menstrual pain.

Heavy Period, Heavy Burden

Every woman has an idea what represents ‘normal’ menstrual bleeding. Science says that the average amount of blood lost during a period is 35ml, and that anything above 80ml is abnormal, as it could lead to anemia, as well as hint at certain disorders. Young girls usually experience heavier bleeding due to the fact that they may not be ovulating on a regular basis. The uterus lining – endometrium is controlled by estrogen and progesterone. It is normally shed during a period, however a hormonal imbalance could cause it to build up. Thus, once the period comes, it is heavier. Heavy periods should subside by the age of 20.

Women with constant heavier bleeding in their twenties and thirties should consult a doctor, especially if the periods are prolonged, if they are feeling tired, lightheaded, breathless and unable to sleep well. The doctor will probably do a blood test to check the iron levels, since prolonged bleeding often causes anemia. The cause of heavy periods should also be ascertained.

As women approach menopause, the estrogen levels might vary and cause a heavier flow. The problem is often aggravated in overweight women, as the abdominal fat produces prehormone androstenedione that converts to estrogen. Hormonal changes could also cause fibroids and polyps which are the cause of heavy bleeding in approximately 40% of women.

If your period becomes heavier all of a sudden, it can be quite frightening. Still, you should not panic, but observe it: the best way to do so is to keep a journal. Write down when the symptoms started and ended, how heavy and painful it was, if you observed excessive clotting, and any other perceived abnormalities. If heavy bleeding persists during the next period as well, then you should consult your doctor. One of the signs that your period is not normal is that it incapacitates you: you miss school or work, you can’t do sports or other usual activities. If you feel so embarrassed by the quantity of blood loss that you’d rather stay at home than engage in social activities, you definitely need professional help.

So, what are the most usual causes of heavy bleeding?

  •          If you have recently changed your birth control method, especially with an intra-uterine device, you may observe heavier flow. Furthermore, if you go off the Pill, you’ll have to adapt to the change of hormones which might cause heavier periods.
  •          Heavy flow may be a sign of fibroids and polyps, benign changes and outgrowths of the lining of the womb.
  •          Adenomyosis, or endometriosis of the uterus leads to an enlarged uterus with a hard lining, which is painful and can cause seriously heavy bleeding.
  •          Pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by a bacterial infection in the womb or fallopian tubes. In 90% of cases it is caused by sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Apart from causing heavy bleeding, it can lead to serious infertility problems.
  •          PCOS – Polycystic ovarian syndrome can be very incapacitating, painful and cause heavy, extended periods.
  •          Endometrial carcinoma, cancer of the womb lining could also cause heavy bleeding, luckily, it is not very common.
  •          In rare cases, irregular and heavy bleeding can be caused by thyroid and blood clotting disorders.

The modern medicine has one solution for these problems: a birth control pill. It will help eight out of ten women to control heavy bleeding. However, it can have serious side effects, from intermenstrual spotting, breast tenderness, decreased libido, to nausea, headaches, weight gain, mood swings, and even problems with vision, especially with contact lens wearers.

Luckily, there is a natural and effective solution: Femisan A plus Maca Capsules. Femisan A is a completely natural formula that contributes to normal physiological functions of the female reproductive system. It contains dry extracts of lady’s mantle, yarrow, marigold, crane’s bill, golden maca root, shepherd’s purse, as well as zinc, the essential element that contributes to maintenance of normal hormone levels and fertility. The combination of ingredients in Femisan A has a strong astringent effect that can efficiently control menstrual bleeding and soothe unpleasant painful symptoms.

Hormones and Beauty

Hormone imbalance can easily be identified on our face and body. Hormones are an essential piece of the puzzle of our system, and as we enter certain age or situations, like puberty, menopause or pregnancy, the level of hormones changes. However, today we are witnesses of a massive ’hormone rebellion’ that works against the well set schedule.

There is an increasing number of women struggling with irregular periods, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids and other disorders caused by the hormone imbalance. Only the person going through such an ordeal knows well how difficult it is to struggle with the constant sense of fatigue, depression, brain fog and mood changes. However, apart from having a huge impact on our body and mind, the hormones can drastically change the way we look. Balanced hormones are essential for beauty, and it is not an overstatement.

When hormones are out of balance, we crave sweets, we are prone to overeating and piling up extra weight. Once the level of estrogen drops, any control over food becomes impossible. The reason for that is that estrogen controls the level of leptin, the hormone that regulates food intake. After the age of 40, and especially on entering menopause, women gain weight more easily, and the fat is particularly deposited in the abdominal region. This is also the time when we are physically less active, which makes it more important to find an activity that suits us and practice it regularly.

Our digestive system is lined with receptors that react to estrogen and progesterone. As their levels rise or drop, our digestion changes, we can get bloated and swollen, and find it impossible to button up our favorite pair of jeans.

Hormone imbalance is closely related to acne. Once the level of androgens, male sex hormones (that women also have, but at lower levels), is increased, our sebaceous glands get extra active, the pores get clogged and acne emerge. The best way to treat acne is to balance hormones, along with finding a good dermatologist to stop the existing acne run their course.

Sex or thyroid hormone imbalance can cause a sudden hair loss. However, as we lose our beloved hair on the head, we gain unwanted hair in wrong places, particularly on the upper lip, chin and body. It is, understandably, followed by a significant loss of confidence.

Another aspect regulated by progesterone is the level of energy and sleep. Logically, when it drops, we suffer from chronic fatigue and insomnia. Low estrogen, however, can cause hot flashes and sweating, which will not only disrupt the sleep, but also cause headaches. Fatigue and lack of sleep leave sad traces – dark circles under the eyes, but the body suffers, too, as it will not have enough energy for everyday activities.

If our estrogen levels are too high, we may suffer from fibrocystic breasts. Not only can it be painful, but also cause alarm as we feel series of lumps in our breasts. Although fibrocystic breasts are usually benign, it is always better to get a proper checkup.

Estrogen is directly linked with serotonin and dopamine, the ‘happiness hormones’. Hormone imbalance thus goes hand in hand with anxiety and even depression, which will increase before the onset of menstruation. Sex and thyroid hormones imbalance can significantly impair health, cause lack of self-confidence and self-neglect.

Our body is a perfect puzzle, however, it is enough for only one piece to be disturbed to ruin the entire picture. And that is exactly how hormones work. Once they are disturbed, it is very difficult to regain balance. Modern medicine offers us hormone replacement therapy which is effective while we are taking it, with numerous side effects, however once we stop taking it the problem comes back.

The best way to regain natural balance is – by the help of nature. Femisan A is a natural herbal preparation which helps regain hormone balance and resolve disorders caused by the imbalance. Femisan A is an essential part of every woman’s cosmetic bag which helps her maintain or regain her natural beauty.

Believe It or not, PMS Can Get Worse, and a Lot!

Premenstrual syndrome makes us all feel bloated, tired, and irritable to a certain extent. But imagine a PMS ten times stronger! Every woman’s nightmare.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) affects approximately 8% of women, usually from early twenties to early thirties. Just like with PMS, the symptoms occur in the second part of the menstrual cycle, after ovulation, and disappear during the first days of menstruation. The PMDD symptoms are physical, mental and – extreme.

PMDD can affect your psyche by making you feel exceedingly:

  • sad and hopeless
  • depressed and desperate
  • anxious and tense
  • oversensitive and overemotional
  • irritable, angry, ready to jump down someone’s throat for no reason
  • edgy, panicky, upset
  • antisocial, in need of solitude
  • in worst cases even suicidal

PMDD affects your body by making you feel:

  • complete lack of energy
  • fatigue, exhaustion
  • unable to concentrate, forgetful
  • insomnia or broken sleep
  • extreme desire to overeat
  • chest pain
  • bloated, indigestion
  • headache
  • muscle cramps and joint pain
  • weight gain.

Women who suffer from PMDD have a genuine problem to go about their daily routine, which affects their families, jobs and social life. Modern medicine approaches the problem with synthetic drugs: antidepressants, anxiolytics, hormones… Being in early twenties and having to take so many medications can easily make us believe that our life is an absolute mess and that there’s something seriously wrong with us.

The cause of PMDD is not completely clear, however the most probable scenario is a reaction to hormonal changes in the body. So far, clinical research has confirmed that women suffering from this syndrome have lower serotonin levels. The reason more to be more physically active and control the diet by ditching sugar, fast and fatty food, alcohol, caffeine and smoking. More grain, fresh fruit and vegetables will provide enough magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 to soothe the nerves, muscle cramps and joint pain.

However, just like with PMS, medicinal herbs are an ideal and natural way to alleviate and even eliminate PMDD symptoms. Lady’s mantle, yarrow, marigold, crane’s bill, golden maca, shepherd’s purse… an ideal herbal blend accompanied with zinc, all contained in one capsule of Femisan A.

Femisan A, a safe and natural way to balance hormones and live your life to the fullest!

A Step into the World of Adults

In every young girl’s life there is a moment after which things will never be the same, the moment that symbolizes the end of childhood – the first period. Apart from the physiological importance of the menarche, the first occurrence of menstruation, it also has a psychological and emotional significance. It is manifested with a mixture of feelings, on the one hand the pride about entering the new age, becoming more mature, and on the other, a subconscious realization that everything changes irrevocably and that the childhood is over. There is also concern about the pain and bleeding.

The first menstruation usually occurs around the age of 12, but it can also appear a year before or 3-4 years later. It depends on the body weight which should be 48 kg (105 lbs.) or more. Body fat percentage is important for normal menstrual cycle. It is also what makes women different from men, and being too skinny can lead to irregular periods and even complete loss of menstruation. On the other hand, obesity and excessive junk food can lead to early menstruation in girls.

Irregular periods are normal during the first two years from the occurrence of menarche, however, they should not be less than 21 days apart and the bleeding should not last longer than 7 days. Following the third year, the periods should be more regular, with 12-13 menstruations in a year. An ideal menstruation occurs every 28 days, however anything from 26 to 32 is considered normal. It can be followed by mild to moderate pain in the lower abdomen, breast pain, PMS, mood swings, headaches… The hormones are doing their work and slowly the ovulation steps in, causing a mild feeling of pressure or pain in the lower abdomen in the middle of the cycle.

Prior to menarche, series of changes begin, marking the beginning of puberty: pubic hair shows up, breasts start to develop, and the hormones cause changes of mood, interests, and the well-known teen rebellion. Being a parent is not easy then, but neither is being a teen girl. Parent support and good preparation for the first menstruation are particularly important for normal psychological development.

If a girl gets her menarche without being given necessary information and advice first, it could cause a mental trauma. The role of an older female is, therefore, very important: mother, elder sister, aunt, teacher… anyone close and trusted by the girl should tell her what to expect and answer all her questions. It is of vital importance to explain the menarche to a girl as something normal and natural, a sign that she is healthy.

But what are the problems that could be expected during the first years from the occurrence of the menarche?

  • Moderately painful periods are normal, as no pain means no ovulation. However, dysmenorrhea, very painful periods that can incapacitate a girl, make her skip school or even be unable to walk, hits about a quarter of girls.
  • If the bleeding lasts for longer than 7 days and the cycle is shorter than 21 days, it could lead to serious anemia.
  • Periods can be irregular during the first two years, which is normal. Irregular bleeding is a consequence of lack of ovulation, as ovaries need time to adapt and harmonize with the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. It is good for a girl to learn to make notes about her periods in a calendar. Should the periods remain irregular after the age of 15, a gynecologist should be consulted.
  • Menstruation is normally preceded by mild pain and swelling of the breasts and abdomen. If the pain is too strong, a doctor should be consulted before taking pain relievers.
  • As we are witnesses today of increasing numbers of cases of uterine and ovary disorders, general checkups should be introduced from an early age.

  • Hormones stimulate sebaceous glands and cause increased sebum secretion, which can lead to acne and skin inflammation. Sweat glands also get more active, and some extra advice is needed on how to do proper hygiene and apply deodorants.
  • Puberty is the time when a girl gets excessively conscious about her body, and especially nowadays when she is surrounded with false representations of ‘an ideal body’. It is important to make her understand that starving herself and doing anything drastic to her body in order to make herself ‘fit into the fashion mold’ could lead to series of disorders, including the loss of period and hormone imbalance.

There is natural aid that can be used safely from the very first menstruation – Femisan A. It is a medicinal herb-based preparation without synthetic hormones or additives that can contribute to regular periods, alleviating of pre-menstrual symptoms and period pain. It can also act preventatively by balancing hormones, and warding off disorders caused by hormone imbalance, from acne to ovary and uterine disorders.

Femisan A is the friend every woman needs, from puberty to menopause.

Fearless Tamer

It was worshipped by the ancients of Central America from the beginning of time, but its name derives from the Ancient Greek daman or damia, meaning ’to tame’. Damiana is wild, unique, but it has the power to tame and control – as if it holds the entire universe within, yin and yang. And, above all, damiana knows how to clear the path for the arrival of new life.

The Ancient Maya and Aztecs, as well as their descendants today, have been using abundantly the leaves and stem of this bushy plant, not only as an aphrodisiac, but also for relaxation, better digestion, mood, or simply its taste, the same way we use coffee today. It is believed to be the original ingredient of the Margarita, and a ’Damiana Margarita’ is still a popular cocktail in Mexico. When the Europeans learned about the medicinal properties of the plant, it was soon included in pharmacopeias, describing it as a plant that reduces anxiety, neurosis, reduced sexual performance caused by depression (in Great Britain), as well as leaves suitable for a tonic that eliminates excessive mental activity and strengthens weak nerves (in Germany).

The Maya and Aztecs had no problem with fertility, and they lived in a pure and healthy environment which the modern man is deprived of. One of the aspects that the unnatural pace of life in an unhealthy, polluted environment affects the most in men is their sex life: impotence, infertility, bad results of the spermogram (low sperm count and motility), spermatorrhea, and sexual dysfunction. The World Health Organization guidelines suggest that a normal sperm count is at least 15 million per ml, or no fewer than 39 million sperm per sample, of which at least 30% should be moving progressively. Oligospermia – a low sperm count, is one of the most usual issues encountered by couples trying to conceive. The official medicine usually treats the problem with severe medication and invasive procedures, which are unpleasant and often without positive results, thus only enhancing the feeling of inadequacy in men. The other problem encountered by couples, especially those going through the frustrating IVF procedures, is a strict sex regimen and routine that begins to feel like an imposed obligation, both mentally and physically exhausting.

The traditional medicine worldwide, from Mesoamerican to Chinese, uses damiana as a very potent therapeutic agent that provides energy, improves blood circulation and brings oxygen to cells, boosts mental prowess and annihilates depression, stimulates testosterone production which is essential in creation and ripening of sperm, helps preserve and renew male reproductive organs, enhances circulation of body liquids in genitals, and is also an adaptogen, protecting the entire body from infection, particularly the genitourinary system. Damiana enhances secretion of urine, stimulates the kidneys to filter toxins, which is beneficial not only for the body, but also the psyche. That is why damiana in its scientific name also contains the word ‘aphrodisiaca’ – Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca Willd – it is an aphrodisiac that stimulates and enhances not only the sexual desire, but also the overall energy of the body and the mind.

A clinical trial involving a thousand male subjects in the USA and Europe proved that damiana has the ability to enhance erectile function in consecutive sexual intercourse following orgasm, improve morning erection and maintain erection stability during the intercourse. The ideal effect of the plant is achieved in long-term use. Two clinical trials conducted on rats proved that the plant improves the libido in tired and sluggish animals, as well as that it shows the usual adaptogenic features – boosts the body stamina and endurance. Damiana is a man’s best ally, however it can also be used by women, especially during perimenopause. The ancient Aztecs even gave it to children, since it is an excellent cure for an upset stomach, constipation, headache, excessive sweating and lethargy.

What is it that gives such power to damiana? The terpenes found in the oily plant extract are a strong antioxidant that preserves the body cell structures, delays decay and aging and protects from infections. Damiana naturally increases the levels of nitrogen monoxide, an important vasodilator, which helps open blood vessels. In normal circumstances, during sexual arousal, the brain signals the body to increase the production of nitrogen monoxide. The substance relaxes the blood vessels and enables free blood flow into the muscles and soft tissue, including the ones in the penis. Flavonoid apigenin relaxes, reduces anxiety, but also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and anticancerous properties. Damiana is a natural aromatase inhibitor – it blocks the activity of aromatase and abnormal estrogen production which stimulates cancer cell growth, and is used as therapy for breast cancer in post-menopausal women, but also in gynecomastia – enlarged breasts in men. Acacetin is another flavonoid that inhibits estrogen activity and enhances testosterone function, and can help not only in sexual dysfunction, but also enhance physical attraction as it can build muscle. A total of 22 flavonoids found in damiana have a wide range of medicinal properties, among other, to reduce inflammation, increase immunity, prevent neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Flavonoids boost longevity, help us get slim and strong, improve cognition and prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by enhancing blood flow into the brain. Arbutin is aphenolic glycoside, very beneficial for the kidneys and urinary tract, with diuretic and antiseptic properties. It boosts genital circulation as it renews capillary pressure and regulates liquid retention in tissues.

Damiana has numerous medicinal properties which are beneficial for overall male health and wellbeing. Whenever we lose the grip, damiana has the ability to tame and balance, and help us regain control over our lives.

Alfa Aktiv and Femisan A are a perfect combination for couples trying to conceive.

Who we are

Twenty years ago we had a vision about our own assortment of high-quality herbal dietary supplements. Over the time, we grew into a company employing over 20 pharmacy and phytotherapy professionals. Our program includes an array of products designed to preserve health and prevent numerous disorders and diseases, in both women and men.

From our early days, quality has been our main priority. Our choice is not only to include the best and most natural ingredients in our products, but also to systematically implement the ISO9001:2015 standard and HACCP system.

Herba Svet is a company based in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, situated in the Balkan Peninsula. It is a region with pristine fields and untouched nature, rich in medicinal plants that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Today our life significantly differs from that of our ancestors: we breathe polluted air, eat food saturated with pesticides and antibiotics, we are constantly under stress and we spend most of our time indoors, away from nature. Modern way of life is taking its toll, and the list of disorders that we are experiencing today is getting bigger. Official medicine usually offers us drugs to relieve individual symptoms, not to cure the disease.

It is obvious that we need to approach the patient and the problem holistically, and use the knowledge of our ancestors that had helped numerous generations before us. It is exactly this knowledge that Herba Svet relies on when creating the products, however it is implemented in a modern, scientific way. That is why our preparations contain carefully selected medicinal herbs, in proportions that give the best synergistic effect.

Our hard work is not unrecognized: Herba Svet has been receiving awards over the last two decades for supreme quality, including over 30 gold medals, several golden cups, and continuous Golden Certificates of Creditworthiness Rating by Bisnode. However, our best awards are the news we get from our users:

  • I got pregnant after 5 years of sterility, or
  • The fibroid has shrank to half its size,
  • The cysts are gone, my doctor couldn’t believe it,
  • I avoided surgery,
  • The pain’s gone,
  • I no longer get hot flashes,
  • My eczema is history,
  • My acne scars disappeared…

…these are just few of the comments we get every day that give us the strongest motivation to continue our mission.

Today Herba Svet products can be found globally, all around Europe, in America, Australia and Asia, and recently we have introduced some of them in the Middle East region. Our plan is to keep expanding and bringing best quality herbal remedies to people all around the world. Because we came from nature and we cannot exist without it.

Everything I Want to Know about Femisan A

Femisan A is a natural formula in capsules, based on a selection of medicinal herbs, designed to help regulate the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance. It positively affects fertility and overall female health from puberty to menopause. Femisan A is a completely natural product, without adverse effects. It does not contain hormones or preservatives. When applied as prescribed, it can be used indefinitely.

In what cases can Femisan A help?

The formulation is efficient in the following cases:

  • Menstrual cycle disorders
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Painful periods
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Female sterility
  • Ectopia of cervix of the uterus
  • PMS

Which medicinal herbs comprise Femisan A?

Lady’s mantle, yarrow, marigold, crane’s bill, shepherd’s purse, golden maca root. It also contains zinc.

What is the therapeutic dose of Femisan A?

The therapeutic dose of Femisan A is two capsules twice daily, and preventative dose is one capsule twice daily.

Will I feel any changes in my body when I begin using Femisan A?

Since Femisan A enhances circulation, it can be felt at the beginning of use as mild pain in lower abdomen. That is a good sign that it is working. Furthermore, brown discharge or spotting can be a sign of a ruptured cyst. It is important to continue using the capsules regularly.

Does it contain alcohol?

No, the capsules are alcohol free. Femisan A does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or gluten. It is HALAL certified.

How long does one pack of Femisan A last?

When used therapeutically, one pack of Femisan A lasts for 15 days.

How does Femisan A affect fertility?

Femisan A stimulates ovarian functions, hormonal balance, it intensifies ovulation and fortifies the uterine lining – endometrium. It is recommended by doctors as an excellent preparation for the IVF process.

How fast can I get pregnant?

The results vary and mostly depend on the severity of the disorder that prevented fertility. Regular use over a longer period of time is essential, as it takes time for the medicinal herbs to demonstrate the full effect. Simultaneously with Femisan A for women, couples attempting pregnancy are also advised to use Alfa Aktiv for men, which balances levels of testosterone and increases sperm number and motility.

Is Femisan A used during menstruation? When it shouldn’t be used?

Yes, the capsules are used throughout the cycle, even during menstruation, and should not be used in pregnancy. Femisan A will not harm the embryo, it is not used during pregnancy for a simple reason that there is no need for it. In pregnancy the body uses different mechanisms, and nothing should be used apart from that advised by the obstetrician.

How does Femisan A work in case of endometriosis?

When it comes to endometriosis, Femisan A has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it also soothes the sharp pain caused by this complicated disorder. There is also evidence that the flavones can reduce the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of androgens to estrogens, which reduces complications of endometriosis. One of the herbs in the Femisan A formula is lady’s mantle which has an adstringent effect, and is recommended in case of heavy flow. Lady’s mantle inhibits angiogenesis – the growth of new blood vessels.

What effect does Femisan A have on uterine fibroids?

The afore mentioned angiogenesis is a process that enhances development of certain diseases, like fibroids and endometriosis. As in endometriosis, the lady’s mantle extract has the power to inhibit growth of new blood vessels, thus preventing the development of new fibroids, stopping the growth of the existing ones and causing them to shrink over time. Furthermore, the ahileins from yarrow and tanins from lady’s mantle and marigold subdue extended and abundant menstrual bleeding that is often caused by the fibroids.

How does Femisan A affect cysts and the PCOS?

Femisan A is very efficient in cysts, first of all by establishing a normal hormonal balance, and will relatively quickly cause the cysts to rupture or be reabsorbed. When it comes to the polycystic ovaries syndrome, therapy persistence very important. PCOS  is a disorder with a tendency to keep coming back, which makes prolongued therapy followed by occasional prevention essential.

Can Femisan A help in blocked fallopian tubes?

With its anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the effect of the lady’s mantle on strenghtening the reproductive organs, Femisan A can contribute to resolving the ovary blockage, but only as adjuvant therapy. A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) examination is advised which, by itself, can help unblock the tubes.

Does Femisan A contain hormones?

The plants contained in Femisan A are not dominant phytoestogens. Their main active principles – pharmacological active substances are not plant steroles but flavonoids, tannins, etc. Medicinal plants contain numerous phytochemicals. The substance that is dominant will classify a plant into a certan pharmacological group, which does not mean that the plaint does not contain other chemical compounds. It is exactly the synergistic variation of chemical compounds in plants that make their valuable healing properties.

Can Femisan A be used during and after menopause?

The oldest patient that used Femisan A was over 90 years old. The capsules can be used to treat disorders which may occur, although more rarely, following the menopause.

Can Femisan A be used simultaneously with the Pill?

Yes, Femisan A can be combined with contraception, however in a reduced dose, 2×1 capsules.

Can Femisan A be used by young girls?

Yes, the formula can be used from the first period. Femisan A helps establish a normal hormonal balance more quickly. It is also an excellent prevention from PCOS and endometriosis which keep occuring at younger age today.

Does Femisan A help with acne?

Yes, since acne are often caused by a hormonal imbalance. With regular use of Femisan A, the skin becomes clearer and sebum secretion is regulated.

Femisan A is a completely natural product that has been on the market for over 20 years now. Over the time, numerious information of its positive effects has been collected from its users. From menstrual and reproductive disorders, to fertility issues, Femisan A has been helping women regain control over their lives, and even become mothers when all the odds were against them.